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A Difficult Road to Recovery

Road to conquering addiction is certainly not the easiest and it comes with its own set of challenges and roadblocks. Having a positive and acceptable solution to each of these afflictions is one of the ways to ensure that the individual stays on the recovery path. After the initial admission of the fact that the individual needs external intervention in order to get rid of substance abuse, one of the first and most restrictive aspect of reaching out to available anti-addiction treatments is its disruptive nature – the thought of being disconnected with everything “normal”; The act of leaving behind friends, family, education, occupation and all the regular chores!

We Understand!

At Silver Lining, we not only understand this crucial issue but also try to make every conceivable effort to make the transition as smooth as the circumstances allow. We understand the importance of being able to continue being part of the mundane day-to-day activities in order to not feel completely cut off from the world at large. Therefore, we, at Silver Lining, ensure that our clients have access to both academic counselors and career guidance counselors who take time to discuss, advise and counsel them on their chosen road of connect with the outer world – academic or career.

The goal of career guidance and counselling programs is to help our clients create a solid meaningful contact with the outer world while they pursue their journey to conquer substance abuse together with our expert team at Silver Lining, California. Age is no bar when it comes to academic and career counseling.

Academic Counseling:

We care about our clients and strive hard to make them feel at ease during their time at the Silver Lining, California. For our relatively younger (school/college going) group, our in-house academic counselor advises them with resume building, provide assistance with writing school applications and also help with preparation for special test like GED among others. Owing to our central location in California, there are a number of schools and colleges in the vicinity of the Silver Lining campus that gives our clients the freedom to pursue their choice of study in conjunction with their treatment, in case they choose to do so. Further, we also aid to plan and execute appropriate individual or group programs, activities and services to assist individuals with their academic planning leading to successful career mapping later in their life.

Together with our clients we look to work with their parents, peer and school staff in individual career counseling sessions to help formulate an achievable, step-by-step, holistic plan of action that is measurable and actionable from the school as well as the individual’s perspective.

Alongside to advising and counseling students with respect to their academic programs, we encourage people of all ages to constructively engage in some form of reading or writing as it is part of, and of great help, in various treatment programs.

Career Counseling:

In addition to academic assistance, the career guidance counselors on the Silver Lining team are more than willing to support our members to continue to work, if they are willing to do so, while they recuperate with Silver Lining, or join back the job market once they have successfully finished their treatment program with us. At Silver Lining, our team of counselors support our members to assess, and at times also realize, their interests, abilities and skills. This invariably helps in further developing realistic goals for the short-term and the long-term employment planning of the individual. If the need arises, the career guidance counselors also help our clients to learn the job specific skills like handling an interview or push them to forge employment focussed network. Additionally, our team at Silver Lining is equipped to offer meaningful job placements based on the individual client needs.

Specially Designed Modules:

Keeping in mind the client’s ongoing relationship with Silver Lining, in whatever form, our team understands the need to pay special attention to matters like conflict management, anger management and team work among others in order to seamlessly integrate the individuals as part of the employable crowd once they finish their time at Silver Lining. We are open to conduct special career counseling sessions focussed on short-term modules to address these challenges one-on-one with the individuals or in a group setting.

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The Silver Lining campus is conveniently located in the heart of the Orange County in Southern California which allows easy access to a variety of highly trafficked areas conducive for seeking employment and is also well connected with public transport for the ease of commuting.

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