Shifting Into The Happiest Version Of Yourself

Table of Contents

Let’s break this down to make happiness as simple as possible:)

In this article we will be discussing a simple breakdown of how to shift into the happiest version of yourself. This is not to say there is something inherently wrong with you now or that you need to change. It’s more to bring forward the question of whether you are being the happiest version of yourself now. And would you even know what this happiest version looks like?

First Step

The first step is to be open to the possibility of a happier, more joy-filled version of yourself. Openness and acknowledging that there is the possibility of a happier you is the first part of this. If we are not open to something bigger and better in our lives and we are not open to the idea that there could potentially be a happier version of ourselves, then we will just keep our head down and stay in the same cycles.

So the first step is to be open!

Second Step

The second step is to identify things in your life that bring you joy and follow these joy-filled things like a path that lights you up. Whatever is joy-filled for you and makes you feel excited, these are pointers in the direction of shifting into a happier and happier, more fulfilled version of yourself.

Third Step

The 3rd step is to accept the things that bring you joy. They might surprise you or be different from what you expected, that’s ok! Accept and acknowledge that it is a new part of yourself that is being expressed and explored. There are so many possible things you haven’t done, tried or thought of that may be joy-filled.

So be open to explore!

Fourth Step

The 4th step is to know that there are always more and more things that are waiting for you to explore and try. There is no end to this. So if the things that were joy-filled for you start to feel less interesting, that’s ok! It just means it’s time to keep journeying down the path a little more to see what else there is that you are ready to try and explore.

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