Getting Out Of Chaos-Cultivating More Peace In Your Life

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Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about embracing the messiness of your life, all of it, or any of it. Wherever you may be at, or whatever may be going on, what if it was all alright? What if you are ok just as you are and all the messiness, is just messiness. It isn’t YOU.

YOU aren’t the messiness or the chaos or all the things that seem to be going wrong and not the way you want. YOU are so so much more than that.

YOU are special, unique and YOU. What would it take to see this distinction?

In the next blog I will go more into details on mindfulness and how to apply it regularly to separate “YOU” from life messiness, chaos and dysfunction. YOU are not the things going on around you. YOU are YOU. Seeing this distinction and understanding that you are more than what is going on in your life or has happened to you is mindfulness in action.

One of the ways to cultivate more peace in your life and get out of the chaos or cycles of dysfunction is recognize that you are not the chaos, or the dysfunction or anything that is going on. You are the observer of these things.

Please try this- find an app or youtube meditation that helps you to take a few moments out. Even if it’s 2-3 minutes of meditation. Go ahead and try it now. In my next blog I will go into more detailed meditation practices and instructions but for now, just try meditating now for 2-3 minutes and see what you find:) Also included below is a meditation link by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. He has done amazing work on practical applications of mindfulness in everyday life:)

If you would like help cultivating more peace, calm and serenity in your life please reach out to Silver Lining Recovery. We can provide additional assistance and support. Please contact BSilver Lining Recovery at 1-833-8Growth. We are here for you!

Keep Shining! We care about you!!
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