Living Your Authentic Life-Being Fully You

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Have you ever heard the expression about living your full life and being fully you? Does this even make sense to you?

If you are not in alignment with truest self and work, you may just know that you feel generally uncomfortable, unhappy or miserable at work, in your relationships, where you live or your lifestyle. However, you may still not be clear on why exactly you don’t feel great. It could seem to be just a necessary part of life to always be somewhat discontent in a relationship, job, lifestyle or place you live. It may just seem that “this is life” and there’s nothing I can do about it.

This kind of general on-going discontent and feeling there’s nothing you can do about it can lead to potentially unhealthy coping skills like drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or other addictions to numb out and dull the discomfort of your non-aligned life.

If we talk about how to live an aligned or authentic life, it’s possible this won’t even make sense to many people. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the most important needs are initially things such as food, air, water, etc. After this the most important needs are shelter and stability, then next are friendships and family and then next self esteem. The last need is self-actualization or the fulfillment of an individual’s potential. The idea is that you have to fulfill each lower level before you can adequately focus on the next level and there is a hierarchy of what is important.

However, maybe you are fulfilling the first few needs in the hierarchy to some extent but that doesn’t mean you feel fulfilled in your life and yourself in general. It’s worth considering that it’s possible to fulfill your highest potential while you are also taking care of the other supposedly lower levels of needs. Fulfilling your potential and feeling you are living an authentic life is important at every level. If you aren’t taking care of this you can feel almost sick inside. Or as some call it ‘soul sick’.

How do you know if you’re living an authentic life that is aligned with who you really are?

It’s pretty easy if you pay attention to it. Basically you feel generally good and your life feels like it flows naturally in almost all ways. You listen to yourself, acknowledge your feelings and take action when something does not feel right or good to you. If you ignore or silence those feelings, it can lead to different kinds of addictions and ways of numbing how you feel.

Follow what lights you up, what gets you excited and what you feel drawn to. If you don’t know what that is, try things! Try new and interesting things and be open minded! Your joy, the feeling of lightness and flow is your path!

So get started walking it!

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