November is National Blog Posting Month

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Did you know that November is National Blog Posting Month? Back in 1999, there were only 23 blogs online. Today there are over 1.5 billion of them. One in every five blogs is updated daily, with over 60% being written in English. An impressive 77% of internet users enjoy reading blogs, and businesses that have a blog double their internet traffic. Blogs are definitely here to stay.

The Benefits of Writing a Blog

Writing a blog can be beneficial for more than just a business. For many individuals, the act of writing a blog can prove a fruitful exercise. Writing in any form can be quite helpful to someone who is dealing with an addiction or a mental illness. Thoughts about what a person is going through can be overwhelming and hard to get a handle on. Treatment professionals often recommend that clients keep a diary or journal to take stock of their feelings and changes they would like to make in their lives. 

Thoughts and emotions can be fleeting when kept only in one’s head. They are easier to identify, and people can make calculated plans to address these feelings when they are viewed as written words. Writing helps teach a person to organize their thoughts and express them, which aids them in talking to their loved ones and in therapy appointments. Researching a particular topic or idea can result in learning something useful about the person’s condition, which they use to work on themselves and pass on to their readers.

If You Are New to Blogging

Starting a blog can be intimidating. Many people feel they don’t have adequate writing skills or are fearful of seeing their struggles detailed in writing. While business-related blogs need to adhere to excellent writing and goals like attracting a lot of traffic, a personal blog doesn’t have those same concerns. In fact, a new blogger doesn’t even have to make their blog public unless they feel ready. Blogs are set up so that a person can write until they think their piece is finished. Then, they can click a button to make it go public. This feature allows a blogger to get comfortable putting their thoughts to virtual paper, editing them, and adding visuals such as pictures and GIFs before they go live. 

If a new blogger needs inspiration, they can do an online search to see what blogs are out there that are related to their area of interest. It is recommended to note which blog names, formats, visuals, and specific subject matters a person likes and dislikes. There are many free blog websites available, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. While some offer advanced options that cost money, a basic blog is free. Designing the layout is typically user-friendly and intuitive, allowing a new blogger to express themselves with more than just their words. For anyone still unsure of how to set up their blog, websites like Youtube offer many tutorials videos that make it a breeze to learn.

Participating in a Blogging Community

Once a blogger has achieved a certain level of comfort with their work, they are ready to post their work so that others may read it. People who deal with addiction, alcoholism, or mental illness find much-needed camaraderie by reading blogs written by people dealing with the same issues. These readers often leave comments on the blog, which helps open a dialogue. Some readers may have their own blogs, and offering links to them can help the original blogger and others by compiling a list of helpful blogs. 

Things To Be Aware of When Blogging

Make sure that writing in a blog doesn’t begin to replace traditional talk therapy and reaching out to others in person. It can be easy to get lost in writing about troublesome thoughts and emotions, ultimately feeling that addressing them that way is enough. It’s still imperative to use the blogging experience to improve self-understanding to communicate more thoroughly with members of their treatment team and their loved ones.

Be aware of not sharing too much personal information anywhere on the internet, including a blog. It’s essential not to use specifics that may identify where the blogger lives, where they work, and other things that are best kept private. A blogger’s audience is typically harmless and rooting for their best interests; still, it’s always a good idea to be protective of what a person shares. Some bloggers choose to use their real names. Some use a pseudonym, and others just write without using an identifying name at all. 

November, National Blog Posting Month, is all about using the written word to express yourself. When you deal with addiction, alcoholism, or mental health issues, it’s imperative to learn how to capture your emotions and thoughts so you can communicate them thoroughly to treatment professionals. At Silver Lining, we use several treatment modalities to help people express their conditions and needs, which allows us to help create a plan that is just right for where you are. We offer several kinds of therapy, including individual and group, SMART recovery, trauma-focused approaches, and eye movement desensitization and processing. Day and evening appointments at our beautiful beachside location in Southern California offer the perfect setting to communicate your treatment needs and learn to hit the reset button on your life. Call us now to find out how we can help you feel heard and move forward (866) 448-4563.