Stop Thinking About Yourself So Damn Much- It’s Enough Already!

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“When you can bless someone else while you’re going through your own storm, you’ve done love.” -Anonymous

Previously I talked about the importance of walking through storms, or rather, getting through life challenges. The goal of this was to emphasize that YOU CAN handle anything that comes at you. I know you can. Even if you didn’t learn tools growing up or have never dealt with something challenging while sober, or even everyday life things, that doesn’t mean you can’t. I will tell you a secret I learned a long time ago and is why I try to volunteer or help others whenever I can. I’m not saying I’m perfect at it, but it is a lesson I feel needs to be passed on. Here it is: Stop Thinking About Yourself So Damn Much- It’s Enough Already!

You might be thinking, What!?! She doesn’t know what I’ve suffered through and what I’ve been through.

And you are right.

I don’t exactly know your story and what’s happened in your life…but I do know this…when we are struggling with something it is the easiest thing in the world to become stuck in a cycle of focusing way too much on ourselves. When our energy, our personal vibration is low, it’s so easy to get obsessively focused on our own problems and ‘what you need.’

The best way to get out of this trap (and this is a trap by the way) is to focus on helping someone else. Depending on how emotionally strong you are, you may have to limit how much you can focus on someone else and how much you can stop thinking of yourself. However, even something as simple as mentally blessing every person you see with happiness, or just mentally wishing happiness or inner peace to 3 people a day can help ‘reroute’ any low vibration self-obsessive tendencies.

I know this is not always easy, and when you’re in so much pain you can’t stop focusing on yourself it may even seem impossible.

This is why I’m recommending just wishing others happiness. You don’t need to even volunteer or ask someone else how they are doing if you’re not mentally there yet. However, mentally blessing or wishing well for strangers can do something amazing for YOU. It gets you for a moment, to stop and interrupt cycles of negative self-obsession.
Don’t worry… this is not your fault. We are mentally wired to think about negative things and try to solve problems. However, most things can’t be solved by worrying and obsessing about our own negative emotions. In fact, most things don’t get solved by getting stuck in low vibration emotions. The only thing that happens is we get more and more stuck in negative energy.

Why not try something different?
Try mentally wishing happiness to 3 strangers a day.

I dare you!
With So So Much Love,
Sara <3