Guidelines & Policies to Address Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Table of Contents

To all our clients,

We want you to know that we are doing our very best to keep you safe while you work through this very trying time. As we are all aware we are experiencing a once in a lifetime event and we need to be diligent about doing our part in limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus otherwise known as the Corona Virus.

Moving forward we will be asking the following from all Staff and Clients:

  • Everyone must wash their hands before coming into the groups or office
  • Anyone who is sick or symptomatic will be asked to stay home
  • Social Distancing, please stay 6 feet apart from each other in common areas and during groups leave one seat empty between each other.
  • Sharing, do NOT share any type of food, drinks, or smoking devices such as vapes, cigarettes, or Nic Salts.
  • Please use disposable cups and plates and do not share utensils.
  • Our staff have been and will continue to disinfect surfaces before each program begins and a cleaning crew will clean the office every night.

We will continue to do our best to keep you safe; if you feel you are experiencing more anxiety than normal please do not hesitate to reach out to your Case Manager for additional support. It’s totally normal to feel scared at times like these, but we are here to support each other and through these times sober and clean!

All Staff,

As you are aware the COVID-19, also known as CoronaVirus, is spreading throughout the country. While there are only 17 confirmed cases in Orange County, it’s important we practice the highest level of cleanliness and screening to stop the spread of the virus.

We have added additional questions to our Pre-Screen to help us limit our exposure to those who are classified as high risk, which includes those who have traveled outside the US and/or been in contact with someone that has been exposed to the virus.

Furthermore, we will be practicing the following habits to lower risk:

  1. Social distancing, please try to stay six feet away from each other while in open areas that allow for it. This will include:
    • Leaving at least one seat empty between each client during groups
    • No handshaking or hugs!
    • Using the “elbow bump” as a means of greeting and goodbyes.
  2. We will leave sliding doors open while doing groups to circulate air better, this will only be acceptable during this sensitive time.
  3. We will be asking everyone to wash their hands when coming in the facility.
  4. Case manager will continue to scrub down all surfaces before their shift.

If you yourself are experiencing any kind of fever, aches, coughes, or dizziness please report it to your supervisor and/or call in before coming to your shift.

Most affected groups are the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions which include but not limited to; respiratory problems, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes. Please assess your situation as needed and contact your medical provider if you feel you may be sick or at risk.

Masks are currently only recommended for those who are symptomatic and hand sanitizer is in extremely short supply and limited in its use. Hand washing and scrubbing will be effective, remember this is a virus and not a bacterial infection.

We are open to all additional ideas to help protect our staff and clients. Your safety is our first priority.