Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself?

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People often buy into the old-fashioned idea that once they become young adults and pick a home and career, they are bound to those decisions for the rest of their lives. The concept of reinventing their lives or themselves isn’t an option for them. However, a key to living a satisfactory life is reshaping our lives when we know it’s time for a change. No one is the same person at all ages during their adult lives. As such, people find they can live in various ways that honor who they are at that particular time. Reinventing is for more than just the wheel. 

A New Career For a New You

One significant change people can make is what they do for a living. The generation that filled the workforce after World War 2, beginning in the late 1940s, often operated under the belief that once a person chose a career and began working in that field, the goal was to stick with it. Retiring after forty or fifty years with the same company or line of work was considered an honorable achievement. Fortunately, we live in times where people are lauded for remaining professionally adaptable. 

Some common reasons for wanting to change careers include the desire to earn more money, more flexibility with a work schedule, the ability to work from home, and having gone as far as possible in a particular career field. Another reason often cited for wanting a job change is personal satisfaction. A specific line of work may have fulfilled a person for a long time but has since morphed into just another job. Many professionals experience burnout in what was once their dream career. Others discover a new passion long after they began their initial career. If this sounds familiar, investigate schooling and job opportunities to get you into a career that will fill you with passion.

Be Open to Moving

People who have lived most of their lives in one area can find it intimidating to think about pulling up stakes and moving. Even those who have moved multiple times may feel like they can’t pull out cardboard boxes and haul their belongings long-distance one more time. Unfortunately, people can limit their dreams when they do not consider moving if that could bring them closer to living a more authentic life. Someone might have always dreamed about living in a seaside town but assumes they cannot afford it. They might desire to avoid a part of the country with weather they aren’t used to living in. Some people rule out moving to any location in which they do not know anyone. 

Letting fear of the unknown or not doing the investigative work can end up holding a person back. Check real estate websites to get an idea of what you can afford in a new area. Ask in-person and on social media for people’s experiences in certain areas regarding the cost of living and weather. Take a trip to the area and find out what information you can gather and how being there makes you feel. Even if you leave behind people who mean a lot to you, the option to travel home and receive visitors in your new city is available. Also, life in a new place offers the rich opportunity of meeting new friends.

Add to Your Roster of Talents and Interests

It’s never too late to take up a new hobby. Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Take lessons from a pro or purchase a tabletop keyboard and employ virtual classes. Have you made an art form of ordering takeout food? Challenge yourself to learn to bake from scratch. The internet offers endless recipes and video tutorials to help you get started. Continuing education classes at local schools feature courses in everything from learning a foreign language to website design to home repair. Learning new things keeps a person’s brain sharp, and new abilities are a great thing to add to your arsenal of talents. 

Have you always wanted a pet but never felt you had the time? Visit a shelter and see how many beautiful animals need a home and the love you can give them. If you have only experienced beautiful greenery in someone else’s yard or at a park, challenge yourself to make a window box full of colorful flowers or plant an herb garden. Whatever choices you make to shake up your life hold value. It’s essential not only to know who you are now but to make room to become a newer version of you, too.

Do you feel like you have to stay committed to the job you have, the place you live, and who you already are? Change may be scary, but it’s also necessary to ensure you are honoring who you are and how your needs and interests change over the years. People dealing with mental health issues and addiction have to deal with change to manage their conditions. Silver Lining understands how to pull from the parts of your life that work and add new ones to allow you to develop fully. We offer outpatient treatment, individual and group counseling, couples therapy, 12-step programming, and much more to help our clients deal with the hand they were dealt with and add exciting new cards to the mix. We offer day and nighttime appointments to work with your schedule. Call our Huntington Beach location to get started on building the new, happier you! (866) 448-4563