Acceptance Is a Powerful Change Agent

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Hello! Today we are going to talk about acceptance and what it really means. AND that it is actually a powerful agent for change. How many of you when you are struggling with something resist it, or deny it? Denial is really common and resistance. We tend to cling or grasp at people, things or ideas or to push away or resist them. The idea of acceptance might seem like defeat or giving up and giving into whatever is hurting you. But the reality is that the first part of acceptance is that you are just recognizing and noticing what is going on in your life. You are becoming aware of what is bothering you. Then with awareness and recognition, that is where you can make changes or let go of how you think life is supposed to be.

Being happy with the way things are doesn’t mean that everything is ok and you accept things that don’t feel ok. It means that you stop reacting to something. You become neutral to it. When you become neutral to something then you are empowered and can see the problem differently. When you are neutral, the perspective shifts and the energetic reaction calms down.

A powerful exercise is to practice a mindfulness meditation where you take 3 minutes to practice ‘living in the now’, where you are aware and fully embodying that which is occurring to you in the present moment and what you are experiencing. Some myths and stereotypes exist that when you focus on the present moment, everything is amazing and great and all your problems and worries go away and there is no fear or anxiety about the past or future. However, in reality, sometimes when we are present, aware and focused on the present moment, the ‘now’, it isn’t so great. It may in fact be terrifying and awful. It may be that you look around and for the first time ever you see, really see, the messes in your life and the things you don’t like in it. Sometimes paying attention to the now can be painful. It can be the acknowledgement of what is really happening in your life and how out of control it has become.

But, sitting in the present moment, the now, is a key aspect to becoming aware and acknowledging the current state of your life and consider maybe where you’d like to be. Noticing and becoming aware of this difference is what leads to the beginning of acceptance of your life condition.

It is from noticing, acknowledging and accepting, that change can begin to happen. Noticing is the first step to change, and is a powerful force for bringing more good into your life.

So what are you waiting for! Start paying attention, start practicing mindfulness and noticing the now and what you want for yourself. You are worth it!

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And remember, keep shining!