affordable outpatient treatment
affordable outpatient treatment

If someone struggling with addiction has a relatively low risk of relapse, a motivation to stop using drugs, and a strong support system, affordable outpatient treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, may be an option. Outpatient treatment rehab is where the patient does not live at the facility, but still spends time in treatment to learn and apply the tools that prevent relapse and enable recovery. When attending Silver Lining’s affordable outpatient treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, patients are able to live at home and often have time to keep up with work, school, and other responsibilities at the same time.

benefits oof outpatient rehab

If you have made the decision to get the treatment you need and are thinking about affordable outpatient treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, there are a variety of treatment options available for those seeking relief from drug and alcohol addictions.

What to Expect In An Outpatient Program

In an affordable outpatient treatment program, patients are allowed to live at home and undergo rehabilitation during the day. Because outpatient rehab doesn’t provide the same care around the clock that inpatient treatment does, patients must have access to a stable, drug-free living environment. A strong support system makes all the difference to overcome possible relapses. There are multiple levels of treatment for outpatient alcohol rehab and outpatient drug rehab at Silver Lining Recovery. Our specialists can assess your situation to determine which program is best for you.