Finding the Center Within

Happy Holidays!! For the next few days I am going to write a post each day to support you through the holidays.

For many this is a wonderful, beautiful time of year, but for others it is also a time filled with sadness, difficulty and heart wrenching memories. If you have lived with addiction or have family members or loved ones with addiction it can be a particularly difficult time as it often means remembering or thinking of difficult things that have happened or are going on. Like a birthday where you may reflect on your life, where you’re at and what you would like, the holidays can be a time for reflecting on our lives, the lives of our families and generally how happy and satisfied we actually are.

When practically everyone is going around saying how merry and happy to be and to feel joyful and peace on earth…it can be a reminder of how joyful and happy we actually don’t feel. It can also be a reminder of the effort and difficulty it takes us to experience these emotions.

The holidays are often a time with an increase in drinking or substance abuse. This can be because of holiday parties, family gatherings, or just difficult emotions we are struggling with. One of the most frequent times to go to rehab is after the New Year. This may be for many reasons, but part of it is probably having that time to reflect on what your life is actually like and deciding it’s time for a positive change.

The holiday season can bring up expectations and hopes we had for ourselves.
…Things we’ve wished for and never got…such as a marriage staying together and the memories from that time, bad memories from childhood, problems with parental relationships, unhappy careers, etc.

It is a time to celebrate, but sometimes when we are asked to celebrate, it can bring up all the reasons, feelings and things in the way of celebrating.

During this time of year, I encourage everyone to find their center within. I am going to be talking about finding peace within ourselves no matter what’s going on on the outside in the coming posts as well as the idea of surrendering to a higher power than ourselves when we feel overwhelmed or are struggling during the holidays.

Wishing you lots of peace, and especially inner peace and kindness during this time of year for yourself and your loved ones.

If you need or would like support with self-care we are here for you at Silver Lining Recovery! Please contact us for more support! You can reach us at 1-833-8Growth.

Happy Holidays from The Silver Lining Recovery Family!
Keep Shining, we care about you 🙂

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