Living Your Fullest Life During COVID

Why is it that it may be easier to see how somehow else can improve or change their life, but often it is very difficult to see how you can improve your life? It may seem obvious to others but when it’s you, it may be confusing. This is partly because having some distance from a situation (meaning when it’s not you) allows you to have a unique perspective when you are outside of the situation. When you are looking at things from your own perspective, sometimes it’s hard to have the insights you need. Asking others that you trust can give you insight into your strengths, when you appear to be happiest, and when you give the impression to others that you are living your fullest life. 

Sometimes when it’s you, it’s hard to clearly see the patterns, thoughts and behaviors that are hurting or limiting you in your life.  One way you can get a better idea of what direction you need to go in to live your fullest life, if it’s during COVID or any other time, is to see and feel what seems the lightest to you. Does spending time in certain places or people make you feel heavier and more stuck, or does it make you feel lighter and happier? Does a certain kind of job make you feel that everyday is painful and challenging to get through, or does it feel light, happy and easy?

The things that are more in line with who you authentically are, will generally feel lighter, easier and more uplifting than people, places and activities that are not as much in line with you. However, this is not necessarily a ‘hard and fast’ rule to live by. Rather, this can provide a guide by which to live your more fully. It can be difficult at first to distinguish what feels most authentic and uplifting to you if you are used to a lot of suffering and discomfort. In fact, feeling lighter and happier may even seem uncomfortable at first. Any change can be uncomfortable sometimes, even good change.

So what does it take to live more fully even during this time of COVID? It doesn’t require or mean that you must take big actions or make drastic changes. It also doesn’t mean you can’t start now with where you are. COVID doesn’t have to necessarily stop you from living your life more fully. 

The easiest, fastest, best way to live more fully is to start in this moment and take a moment-by-moment approach to life. Through living moment-to-moment and discerning what is best for you, what feels lightest and most uplifting in each moment, hour and day…you will slowly find that you are steering your life in a direction you would like it to go in or that may be better for you. 

While taking this journey day-by-day following the direction that is best for you…here are some other suggestions provided below on how you can best support and help yourself to live fully. This can be living fully now during COVID or in general:)

  1. Figure out and decide what’s important to you, decide what your priorities are given your situation
  2. Live in the present moment- practice living mindfully and in the present. Certain activities such as mindful walking, mindful eating, meditation or taking ‘mindfulness breaks’ are all helpful in supporting your mindfulness practice.
  3. Show your love to people you care about- Show love through actions, words, quality time, gifts, etc. Don’t hold back from loving others… your life is fuller when you can express it. 
  4. Be clear on your values and how to maintain them -Define and get very clear on your values and what matters to you. If you aren’t sure what your values are, you can also reflect on times when you felt things were not in line with your values and how you felt. Sticking to your values is a wonderful way that you can start now for living your fullest life. 
  5. Be kind to others – Being kind to others is important for you too. When we are kind to others we build up our own self-esteem and positive sense of self-worth. It can also help interrupt cycles or habits of negative thinking and behavior because it forces us to take a step out of what we’re doing and live life at a higher level. 
  6. Keep an open mind to unexpected possibilities -If you have a narrative that you know what will happen and feel closed down to other possibilities…this can be disempowering, depressing and discouraging. By feeling more open and positive, we can make space in our lives for positive unexpected surprises and changes. 
  7. Let go- Practice letting go and being more in the flow of life. You don’t have to hold on and try to control things in order for them to turn out well. 
  8. Take the action you can given the circumstances you are in
  9. Accept what you can’t control 
  10. Try to not blame yourself or others for negative feelings, face whatever is negatively impacting you 
  11. Live everyday as it’s a fresh start and new beginning
  12. Honor and be true to who you are. If you aren’t sure who this is, take time to investigate and become familiar and comfortable with who you authentically are. 
  13. Take initiative- if there’s something you want to work towards and create in your life, don’t hold back. 
  14. Concentrate on what you want, instead of worrying about how it will happen. Be clear on your intentions and what the goals of your life are. 
  15. Live mindfully through your life, and pay attention to what is happening. Notice cycles, habits and unhealthy behavior, emotional and thought patterns.
  16. Be committed to personal growth and pursuing your own life purpose
  17. Don’t put your life on hold. If there are things you can do now  or in the near future to take a proactive approach to life, don’t be afraid to try them!
  18. Do things you love
  19. Figure out what your passion is and find a healthy way to pursue it
  20. Be positive- see life as having possibilities and being cup is half full instead of half empty
  21. Practice empathy and compassion with yourself and others
  22. Believe in yourself and your abilities
  23. Let go of unhappiness and pain from your past that you may be holding on to
  24. Practice forgiveness of yourself and others
  25. Let go of unhealthy relationships and people in your life, or see if there is a way to improve upon these relationships and dynamics
  26. Create authentic, real connections with people
  27. Do something kind everyday… and volunteer to uplift other people
  28. Focus on the big picture- don’t be too attached to the small details of what is happening now that may be upsetting you. Try to think of your life from a bird’s eye view perspective. 
  29. Give more than you receive 
  30. Practice daily self care
  31. Reflect on what path is most feasible and practical for you to attain your goals
  32. Practice, express and embrace gratitude and thankfulness
  33. Practice acceptance and look for the positive in your life 
  34. Laugh more often, and practice laughing and smiling more. The more you smile and laugh, the more often you will find yourself smiling and laughing:) Also, it is naturally uplifting and makes you feel good!
  35. Embrace what you feel are disappointments, mistakes or fears from your life. What are the benefits and positives that can be created from these? How can they be fueled to create something positive in your life?
  36. Practice loving yourself, loving others and loving life:)

An important part of living your fullest life during this time of COVID is doing what you can to live most fully everyday, starting in this moment.  Mindful awareness of your thoughts, feelings and experiences can improve the quality of your life, reduce the potential for addiction and help you realize you may need to make changes or need help. Silver Lining understands that you have spent a lot of time dealing with difficult emotions and triggers during your time using drugs and alcohol. These experiences impact your sobriety and a treatment plan for living your best life in recovery. Our policy of treating small numbers of people in each group allows us to get to know you and the exact type of help you need to learn to be kind to yourself and achieve your goals. We help you flourish now and in the future. Let our Huntington Beach location be where you begin again! Call us today for more information. (866) 448-4563.

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