Silver Lining Recovery - girl walking on the beach
How To Overcome Addiction?  The way to combat addiction is to help each person find alternative sources of joy and reward. These sources of joy differ for everyone, and often are discovered during engagement with peers in group counseling settings. Peer-to-peer support and accountability have been proven to demonstrate higher rates of success with respect to substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression. Other forms of support discovered in group counseling settings include fostering strong social relationships, engaging in more physical activities like sports or dance, and/or making time for meditation and self-reflection. Changing habits and natural inclinations is never easy. The good news is, you have the ability to bring about positive change in your life by learning to rewire your brain to feel good when engaging in healthy behavior once again. By working with supportive, compassionate and trained clinicians, the obstacles and hurdles on the path to sobriety are made clear.