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The human brain was built to reward us when we do something that gives us pleasure. Activities such as exercise, healthy eating and close social relationships help us sustain our health and trigger the release of dopamine- the “feel good” neurotransmitter. This release of dopamine also encourages us to keep doing these healthy activities, which enables our brain to create a set of positive repetitive behaviors. Drugs also trigger our brain’s reward system, but in an extreme way. When drugs are consumed, the brain releases a dangerous amount of dopamine—more than what is triggered from a natural enjoyable behavior. This activity causes the brain to overplay. In an effort to achieve balance, the brain then tries to reduce its dopamine production to stabilize and balance the high levels released due to drug consumption. This is how addiction begins. Breaking this habitual process takes patience, determination and the help of drug and mental health experts to coach you to engage in positive healthy behavior.
Science of addiction
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