IOP – Intensive Outpatient Treatment In Orange County, CA

When someone is striving to improve their life by getting into a rehabilitation or treatment program it can sometimes be difficult to make time. While getting into rehab may be the only way to turn their lives around, the rest of their life needs to be maintained while they’re getting help. While residential programs are a powerful way to conquer addiction it can lead to problems on the outside that can have them back in the grips of their addiction. Patients have been coming to Silver Lining Recovery intensive outpatient treatment in Huntington Beach, CA for years to treat their substance abuse issues.

What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment In Huntington Beach, CA

IOPs, otherwise known as Intensive Outpatient Programs, are a powerful tool in your treatment specialists toolkit. This form of treatment is there when you’re struggling with serious addiction and need a significant amount of oversight during the early days of your treatment. During outpatient treatment, you’re able to continue taking care of your responsibilities of work or school while still benefiting from a high level of observation.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment In Huntington Beach, CA VS Residential Treatment?Getting inpatient care can be challenging regardless of the venue you’re receiving it in. While you’ll receive the highest level of care with inpatient care, we understand that it’s not always feasible. Work and family commitments can make it inconvenient or impossible to go into an inpatient program. For many people this means that IOPs are going to be the best choice for them. On the other hand, they may not be appropriate for patients who are living with someone else who shares their addiction or is addicted to other substances. These conditions tend to serve as an impetus for a relapse.
What Can I Expect From Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA?  The experience you’re going to have as part of your time in an IOP is going to vary depending on the facility you’re receiving treatment at. The basic outline tends to include group and individual therapy that can take up to 10-12 hours each week. The therapy sessions tend to take place at either a therapeutic or medical facility, but there are online options being explored by many providers. Those going through an IOP are advised to find themselves a 12-step group to join for additional support. Research has shown that those participating in these programs have superior results not only in recovery but also lower chances of relapsing.

Intensive outpatient treatment in Huntington Beach, CA supports patients like you by providing tools to help build your skills at communication and find healthier venues for socialization. The people you work with will provide you with honest feedback, comfort, and support to help get you through your rehabilitation process successfully. While you’re here you’ll be able to find healthy new ways to interact and advance through your recovery to a life free of addiction. Don’t let your addiction rule your life, call Silver Lining Recovery today and start your road to recovery!