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SMART Recovery is a treatment that combines scientific methods from multiple programs like: 

With group therapy to provide motivation-based group treatment, SMART helps participants work through triggers and helps improve mental health.

Many people afflicted with addiction do not know or understand where to seek out help or the way to recovery. It is imperative to make them aware that their addiction does not have to be forever! A fantastic support network of like-minded people can be absolutely the most encouraging portion of your time during and after the rehabilitation center and will have a tremendous effect on the overall recovery success.

Smart Recovery

Understanding Smart Recovery

SMART is the abbreviation for Self-Management and Recovery Training; like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), SMART is a support group for people recuperating from alcoholism and other substance or process addictions. It is a not-for-profit organization that has scientifically proven evidence-based programs. The program’s main objective is to help the individual seeking assistance, their family members, and close relatives and friends understand and learn the positive way forward after treatment at rehabilitation centers. All the tools, practices, and procedures imparted during the SMART Recovery get-togethers are based on research and empirical evidence that have the potential to aid individuals in forging beneficial life choices.

The SMART Recovery program utilizes a combination of strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy (REBT) that have instantaneous and real-world significance to the SMART participants, teaching them how to supervise their thoughts and imminent urges toward past conduct. SMART approaches relapse without judgment and views them as an opportunity for growth.

SMART Recovery is open to anybody wanting to fight addiction. It is one out of several options available to people looking for a more secular approach. Since it is science-based, it is constantly evolving to keep up with the most recent medical advancements and techniques that have been proven to work.

SMART Recovery is an initiative of possibilities wherein the individual must be willing to choose to belong to the program.

SMART Recovery has increased significantly across the globe over the last decade.

Basic premises of SMART Recovery programs:

  • Self as the central force of the entire process of recovery
  • Participants are in control of their addiction and are not powerless
  • Positivity as the foundation for all life choices
  • Relapse is not viewed in a negative light.

Unlike most other psychotherapies, relapses are not unwelcomed in SMART Recovery programs. It is not a weakness or a failure. Instead, the initiative looks at a relapse as an occasion to have a dialogue about what transpired and how to start again on the recovery path.

Types of addiction that our SMART Recovery treatment centers in California address are:

How Does Smart Recovery Function?

As the name suggests, the main focus of the SMART Recovery groups is self-management through self-empowerment. The group’s main purpose is to assist the people who have chosen to stop or are contemplating abstinence from one form of substance and/or behavior addiction by educating them to change toward positive thinking, sentiments, and activities. All the group meetings and support measures work towards avoiding cravings, handling withdrawal symptoms, and keeping up the motivation levels. The key is to impress upon all the participants the significance of living a healthy and well-balanced life by continuously making positive life choices.

The Smart Recovery 4-Point Program

Smart Recovery

The areas covered under SMART Recovery programs comprise of:

  • Being persistent and persevering during and after the recovery journey
  • Apportioning attainable targets and achievement objectives throughout the road to recovery
  • Substituting all the negative, self-damaging thoughts and notions with positive, self-uplifting, coherent, and positive views
  • Displaying self-accountability, self-inspiration, and discipline throughout the recovery process
  • Welcoming desires as an integral part of the rehabilitation process and identifying the triggers and timing of when they occur
  • Identifying a relapse as a slipup rather than a disaster
  • Schooling the steps to successfully fight negative impulses related to addiction Continuously use the SMART Recovery tools, techniques, and lessons in daily life circumstances

Keeping a close track of all the areas covered in the programs greatly helps the chances of an individual to keep on or return to abstinence and therefore move towards total recovery.

Understanding and Controlling Triggers:

It is crucial for individuals undergoing recovery treatment to learn to acknowledge, recognize, and then overcome the numerous triggers that keep pulling them back into the addiction pit. SMART Recovery programs put to use an assortment of tools that helps them examine the various situations that may arise and learn to amend the participant’s thought process and behavior patterns effectively.

The vital SMART steps to analyze, change and follow are:

  • The initiating experience: Looks at the first instant when they felt the urge.
  • Individual’s principles and opinions: The need to delve into the beliefs without being judgmental
  • Repercussion: To objectively look at the consequence(s) of the initiating experience and the individual’s belief system
  • Altercations: Any and every negative notion must be questioned and challenged. This helps to take a microscopic view of why specific events provoke specific emotions and, therefore, behavior.
  • Changes: Changes materialize due to swapping irrational thoughts with rational and coherent beliefs.

With regular practice, it is easy to observe the new desired behavior patterns take shape and get imbibed in the daily routine, which results in a simultaneous decrease in negative urges.

Finding The Best Smart Recovery Treatment Center

Treatment differs for everybody. With thousands of rehabilitation programs and a huge number of distinct varieties of programs, it can be hard to know which kind of treatment is most appropriate for you. The kind of treatment you will have to overcome your addiction will ride on your distinctive circumstance. When looking for a proper drug or alcohol abuse treatment program, it is necessary to recognize an accredited program and be certain licensed and specially trained professionals run them in treating addiction. With the most suitable steps, everyone can find a suitable treatment for their addiction. Finding the correct group gives the participants who support and encourage one another to stay focused on moderation.

It is a relatively new program that our center employs, as it has been proven to deliver positive results. Our quality SMART Recovery Treatment center in Orange County, California, runs therapy programs equipped with all the appropriate tools that will let you manage your addiction successfully and also aid to counter the intense, disruptive impacts of the addiction. Our team enables you to begin working towards complete recovery and restore your cherished relationships.

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