10 Must-Listen Addiction Recovery Podcasts in 2020

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The addiction recovery community is growing, and so are its podcasts. These shows offer unique perspectives, guests, and information on addiction, treatment, and life in recovery that will leave you feeling hopeful, inspired, and a little less alone in 2020. And the great thing about podcasts, you can listen to them anytime and anywhere. Sit back, relax, and explore a round-up of powerful addiction recovery podcasts to get you started on your listening journey.

  1. The Addicted Mind

Hosted by Duane Osterlind, The Addicted Mind podcast approaches addiction from an evidence-based, scientific research, and treatment perspective. They discuss and explore issues such as the addictive process and the latest on addiction research and treatment. Episodes focus on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues surrounding addiction and recovery. The most recent episode talks with Dr. Faye Mandell to discuss the topic of spirituality, connection, and how being in the present moment and looking at our reality from a quantum perspective can help people find more joy and happiness. 

  1. She Recovers

This podcast is a collection of interviews and recorded talks for the She Recovers Community, founded by Dawn Nickel. They tackle subjects such as depression, divorce, and trauma and how addiction recovery can help heal these underlying issues and events to lead a healthier and happier life. She Recovers allows women from diverse backgrounds to have the access, resources, and support necessary to curate individualized and holistic pathways to find health, sustain long-term recovery, achieve their potential, and help other women to do the same.

  1. The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour’s main focus is to break down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism. The show seeks to educate and help listeners identify with the stories they hear and let people know they aren’t alone. Even when those in active addiction admit they have a problem and are past the denial stage, the stigma surrounding alcoholism is so strong that people are reluctant to seek help. The Bubble Hour is working to change that stigma. 

  1. That Sober Guy

Created by Shane Ramer, That Sober Guy shares stories of those in addiction recovery. A recent episode talks to Alexis Haines, who, after facing up to six years in the correctional system due to a burglary conviction, decided to enter recovery and is now 19 years sober. She discusses her heroin addiction, motherhood, and wellness. Ramer also battled a 17-year alcohol and drug addiction, “By the time I was 15, I was getting high and drinking often. By the time I was 30, I was going through multiple bottles of liquor and doing drugs every day,” states Ramer on his webpage. In 2013 he finally sought treatment and has been sober ever since. He started That Sober Guy podcast as a way to share his own recovery and allow others to share their stories of sobriety.

  1. A Sober Girls Guide

Hosted by Jessica Jeboult, this podcast covers topics about everything from mental health and wellness to relationships, spirituality, and sober sex. After trying to get sober for nearly ten years, Jessica shares the experiences she faced until she finally found the path to abstinence and addiction recovery. The podcast features special guests and provides accessible tools for modern-day sobriety.

  1. This Naked Mind

Host, Annie Grace, gives listeners insightful information on how to stay sober and features stories by coaches and members of her community that try and help those in recovery not just stay sober, but live a full life and be happy. Some topics discussed on the show include the link between drinking and binge eating, mending relationships in recovery, and how to stop compulsive lying about drinking.

  1. Recovery Elevator

Creator, Paul Churchill (6 years sober), created Recovery Elevator so guests can share their individual recovery stories. He and his staff also attempt to answer common questions for those navigating the world of addiction and sobriety. Recent episodes include topics such as “When a spouse quits drinking” and “Is sobriety all unicorns and rainbows?”

  1. Far from Finished

Host, Alexis Castro shares the unfiltered, real-life stories of people in recovery from different forms of addiction. From topics of being true to your identity as a transgender person to the struggles of the modern-day mom, these episodes cover contemporary issues that will hopefully inspire those in the addiction recovery community.

  1. Recovery Happy Hour

Creator and host, Tricia Lewis, states, “For years I was emotionally and physically addicted to alcohol but was really good at making it look like I didn’t have a problem. I took my last drink in November of 2016, and a life without booze is better than I ever imagined. The fear of missing out is what keeps so many of us from ever giving sobriety a solid chance. That fear is the biggest liar, and it wasted so much of my time. Hearing stories we relate to is what gets and keeps us sober.” The episodes and interviews in Recovery Happy Hour offer inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction. 

  1. Recovery Unscripted

This podcast covers relevant topics such as the opioid crisis, mental health care, and addiction treatment. With guests such as journalist Sam Quinones, author Glennon Doyle, and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, Recovery Unscripted provides relevant news and insightful conversations about the issues that matter to the addiction community.

While you listen to these podcasts, we hope you will feel more inspired and less alone in your recovery journey. Remember, there is always hope, and at Silver Lining – we are here to help. Entering a drug rehabilitation program can provide the necessary tools, skills, and treatment necessary to turn your life around and start your road to recovery. Please reach out to us at (866) 448-4563 today and get the help you need to treat addiction, substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders.