Modalities of Treatment

Modalities of Treatment in an Outpatient Setting

What exactly is the definition of a treatment modality? Treatment modalities can simply refer to the approach or form by which treatment is administered to a patient. However, let’s examine this concept deeper below! Treatment modalities for substance abuse or treatment methods are how administrative health professionals treat a patient with a substance use disorder […]

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Self Medicating

The Dangers of Self Medicating

Self Medication happens when a person uses accessible substances to treat issues, without a medical professional’s recommendation. Self-medication is often the first resort for those suffering from more significant health concerns, such as mental health issues, who are unwilling to seek professional help. Self-medication for significant health disorders may have hazards like negative drug or supplement […]

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Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and Dual Diagnosis

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, when someone has a substance use disorder, it’s very common for them to also have some other mental health diagnosis. For example, addiction to drugs or alcohol addiction tends to co-occur with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other similar conditions. When someone has a substance use […]

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Addictive Personality

Does Having an Addictive Personality Make you an Addict?

Many people wonder if they are addicted to drugs and alcohol as a result of their “addictive personality.” To answer that, we need to first gain an understanding of what an addictive personality is.   What is an Addictive Personality? A person with an addictive personality is more likely to get addicted to anything than […]

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Building Healthy Relationships

6 Ways to Build Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Building healthy relationships in recovery is one of the more difficult parts of your journey. You may be trying to repair damaged relationships or navigating the world of relationships without the crutch of drugs or alcohol.  You can feel like you’re relearning many things or learning skills for the first time in recovery, which often […]

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Being in Recovery

How to Talk to My Parents About Being “In Recovery”

Being in recovery from a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder is something to be incredibly proud of. When you’re in recovery from addiction, you have accomplished something significant. However, you may feel nervous or worried to talk to people about it, particularly being a woman in recovery. You might not know how to […]

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Chronic Pain

Healing From Chronic Pain Without Drugs

Chronic pain is a medical condition that can last for months or years in contrast to short-term, acute pain. This type of long-term pain can affect any part of your body, significantly impacting your daily life and quality of life. Unfortunately, chronic pain is associated with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. There are ways to […]

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Weight Loss Pills

Can You Get Hooked on Weight Loss Pills?

Weight loss pills are a broad category of substances. Sometimes, the term refers to over-the-counter medications and supplements you might use to help you lose weight or reduce your appetite. There are also prescription weight loss drugs available. When possible, it’s best to focus on reducing weight gain and losing weight through a healthy diet, […]

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Building Healthy Relationships

Is Inpatient Rehab for Women Different?

When you’re choosing a rehab program for drug addiction or alcohol addiction, you have a lot of choices. Programs are available on an inpatient or outpatient basis, for example. There are holistic treatment programs. Some programs may incorporate alternative therapies. Others are primarily based on the 12-step philosophy. There are also gender-specific treatment options. For […]

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Relapse on Opioids

Did COVID-19 Cause More People to Relapse On Opioids?

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a significant toll on people physically and mentally worldwide. One area of impact has been relapses, and related drug overdoses. The rate of relapses on opioids has gone up for people previously in recovery, as have other drug relapse rates. The links between COVID-19 and drug addiction, including new addictions […]

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