Gifts To Send to a Loved One In Recovery

Gifts To Send to a Loved One In Recovery

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A loved one just took a brave step and started a recovery program. You want to support them in their journey and send a gift or care package to help them during this difficult process and journey.  The next question may be “What do I send?” Every rehab center has different rules dictating what is allowed and what items are discouraged or not permitted. Before sending your package or gift, it’s best to call the treatment facility and ask if the items you’re sending will be acceptable. You also may want to think about what items would help with their overall mental, emotional, and physical health. Here are some suggestions on what to send your loved one during treatment:

Word Games, Books, and Puzzles

If your loved one enjoys reading, sending books can be a great gift during recovery. The books can be in normal print or you can send audiobooks if the center allows cell phones or cd players. Books are also a great way to keep your loved one inspired and even distracted during detox when cravings and withdrawal symptoms are intense. So make sure you buy books on topics and in genres they love. Adult coloring books are also popular and offer beautiful patterns and designs that relieve stress, calm the mind, and even improve sleep. Moments like this can spring creativity so you may want to pack some art supplies such as a sketchbook, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Crossword puzzles, word games, trivia, and actual jigsaw puzzles are also great gifts for those in rehab. These games are fun, come in many patterns and topics, but they also help improve memory, concentration, and focus. 

Handwritten Notes

Inspirational texts and emails are great and can be wonderful ways to show your support during a loved one’s treatment. However, some centers do not allow phones or access to computers. Instead, start writing letters to your friend, family member, or spouse. Handwritten notes, cards, and letters can serve as a permanent reminder of your commitment to their sobriety journey. Funny notes and cards are highly encouraged as laughter is a great release and a form of healing. But remember, this is a time when you need to establish a healthy form of communication with your loved one. Writing positive thoughts and messages will help your loved one find comfort in knowing they are not alone and can create a space for healing and forgiveness. 

Journals and Hobbies

A journal can serve as a powerful aid in recovery. Using one can be a way for your loved one to jot down feelings, struggles, fears, goals, and accomplishments. Journal writing has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and help keep individuals connected to their feelings and emotions. Additionally, keeping a record of their recovery journey can offer even greater benefits long after they complete their treatment. If your loved one has a favorite hobby or craft or is learning a new one in rehab, send them items to encourage their new hobby. If they like to knit, send him or her a fancy bamboo knitting needle (many knitters like the feel of bamboo) and all kinds of yarn in different colors and patterns. Or send them a beginner’s kit so they can practice.

Self-Care Items

When someone enters treatment, it’s usually after a major negative event. Most people just pack a bag and leave, not thinking about what they will need long-term. Receiving gifts including items such a cozy pair of socks, shampoo, lip balm, lotion, a favorite pair of sweatpants, or scented soap can be a great comfort and reminder to your loved one about the importance of self-care. 

Comfy Clothing 

Rehab facilities are a place to heal, and one thing that becomes highly appreciated when going through treatment is comfortable clothing. Many facilities encourage fitness, complementary therapies, and yoga as part of an individual’s daily treatment plan. Sending new workout clothes can boost your loved one’s self-esteem and mentally prepare them for a healthier life ahead. 


Photos can serve as positive and negative reminders during rehab. On the one hand, sending pictures of “old times” when the person was using can be a major trigger, causing feelings of self-hatred and shame. On the other hand, sending photos of family or friends can also serve as reminders of love and support. So how do you know what kind of photos or images to send? Ask the treatment center what they allow or recommend. Another idea is to send a digital frame filled with calming and soothing images of animals, mountains, seascapes, or whatever your loved one finds relaxing. If he or she has children, the frame can also include school photos of their kids from preschool until the present day. 

Workout Clothes 

Rehab is a time for healing from the inside out and many programs include exercise and holistic programs such as yoga. Sending a new workout outfit or pair of yoga pants is s great way to brighten your loved one’s day while supporting them on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

Your loved one is working hard on their sobriety during recovery, sending a care package helps them remember they are supported, loved, and that you will be there for them after they complete their treatment. At Silver Lining Recovery, we stay small, focused, and ensure quality care for our clients. Our customized treatment programs offer one-on-one therapy, group sessions, affordable outpatient treatment services, and many post-rehab services with knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced counselors that guide you step-by-step during your journey to sobriety. If you or someone you love is ready to break free of the bondage of addiction, contact Silver Lining Recovery today at 1-833-8GROWTH