The Struggle Is Part of The Story

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In recovery, it can seem like you are fighting yourself, the past, memories, and probably sometimes… you don’t even know what. It may feel like an on-going struggle that might never end. Day by day, fighting invisible dragons and demons. Worse, it’s often human nature to look around and compare ourselves. You may look at someone else and think “Why is it so much easier for them?”, “Why don’t they struggle with this?”

Some tips that can help with the struggle are to understand that comparing yourself in any way to anyone will probably not help. Unless there is someone you feel is inspirational to you and helps you feel motivated or supported, looking at what other people are doing will probably either make you feel slightly superior (like you are doing better than them) in recovery or worse. Either way, the best approach is to focus on yourself and focus on your commitment to recovery everyday. When you keep your own goals and commitment to sobriety and a healthy life in focus, your chances of success are much greater. And you’ll probably feel a lot better too!

Another tip is to embrace the struggle. Maybe consider that if you feel you are struggling in recovery, it’s not because you are doing something wrong. Maybe it’s just part of the story of getting to where you want to be. It doesn’t mean you are ‘doing it wrong’ or not well enough. It is just part of the experience of getting through it. You can do it, just go day by day. Even if it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean it will stay difficult, it will get easier and easier the longer you walk down the ‘recovery path.’ Just don’t give up.

Lastly, if confronting addiction and recovery is a challenge and brings up a lot of hurt, problems and family issues…that is ok. You aren’t ‘doing it wrong’. It just means you are dealing with issues that have probably been covered up with drugs or alcohol for years. You can do this, you can get through it and confront whatever comes up while going through recovery.

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