How To Find The Stillness Within

Table of Contents

This post is about finding the stillness within yourself. Stillness and inner calm may seem like a vague or unattainable thing to reach. Therefore below are 10 simple, and straightforward suggestions for how to maintain peace in your life. Finding stillness is essential for our mental wellbeing and recovery. By experiencing stillness you are making your mind clear so that you can better confront any challenges that come your way.

A still mind is one that can calmly and rationally manage whatever happens and gives you the best chance for successful recovery for any addiction or mental health concern.

Here are 10 suggestions to maintain calm and stillness in your mind and to feel calm whenever you need to.
1) Meditate- mindfulness meditation and concentration meditation are particularly effective
2) Be mindful of what you eat
3) Spend time in nature
4) Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t
5) Decide to make inner stillness and peace of mind a priority- take time out each day to do something that increases your inner peace and stillness
6) Live a life that is true to yourself
7) Build time into your day to just relax and sit
8) Set reminders in your day to just take out time for yourself for a few minutes and relax and take a break from technology
9) Go for a calming walk
10) Do a couple of calming yoga poses such as downward dog or child’s pose

If you need support or help with finding and maintaining peace of mind and calm we are here for you at Silver Lining Recovery. We understand the courage it takes to make changes in your life, and to begin and maintain recovery. Please call us today for more support at (866) 918-5547.