Beyond Self-Care: Mindfulness and Balanced Living

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Self-care is a popular topic and can mean so many things. In many ways it has become a cliche topic! However, I would like to discuss a practical, impactful approach to self-care. One which looks at self-care as a regular, on-going practice for happiness and health. A critical component to this is mindfulness and creating an on-going moment to moment awareness of one’s life and the present moment. 🙂

A powerful approach to self-care is one where you take care of your mind and mental health on a moment to moment basis so that everyday you feel good! When we focus on the past, or the future we are missing our enjoyment of the moment, and we are missing our lives!

By creating a practice of focusing on our life, we are taking ownership of OUR lives and the moments of our lives. We aren’t checking out from anything and that is the greatest way to love and take care of ourselves… to recognize what makes us happy, sad, hurts us, causes us pain, what goals we want to pursue, the people in our lives who value us and treat us well or abuse us, etc.

Living in the present moment and being mindful of our lives naturally creates healthy, happy boundaries with others. It also creates a natural pattern of regular meditation, which is familiarity with our mind and what’s happening in our mind. Mindfulness also helps us to better appreciate our bodies and tune into how we are physically feeling and aware of what we need for our bodies. We become more aware of when we are hungry, thirsty, tired, overeating, under eating, need to exercise… everything! We become more connected to our bodies and what we need.

Regular mindfulness practice helps us manage our emotions and physical wellbeing to support ourselves and our loved ones in recovery. It’s one of the greatest forms of self-care and self-love!

If you need or would like support with self-care we are here for you at Silver Lining Recovery! Please contact us for more support! You can reach us at 1-833-8Growth.

Keep Shining!:)

-Silver Lining Recovery 🙂