Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

A Step in the Right Direction 

There have been many changes in healthcare that now allow patients to receive affordable outpatient drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA. Drug addiction outpatient care is made up of medical procedures, tests, and services that can be provided to the patient in a setting that doesn’t involve an overnight stay. 

Services Include:

  • Wellness and prevention services
  • Counseling 
  • Diagnostic services 
  • Treatments 
  • Rehabilitation

Outpatient services usually cost less because you don’t need to stay overnight. Staff members at Silver Lining Recovery are well trained. We provide high quality, effective treatment to those suffering from addictive disorders and related issues. We aim to provide outpatient drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA to help start the first steps towards rehabilitation. 



Can I Get Real Help With Outpatient Treatment?

We understand how difficult it can be to overcome addiction. In order to recover, patients need to have a safe and effective experience while in treatment. We work with patients and therapists, not only on issues important to the client but to uncover and process any underlying issues that have prolonged the addiction. With our outpatient drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, we work with our patients to provide them recovery and relapse prevention skills to build and maintain a successful future free from addiction. 



How Long Is Outpatient Rehab for Drug Addiction?

We believe that healing is fluid, and milestones differ from person to person. While there are common milestones for those around you in treatment, your recovery path is your own. It all depends on many factors such as challenges, needs and any health concerns you may have. The goal of our outpatient drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, at Silver Lining is to stabilize the health of our patients and equip them with the knowledge, skills and resources to help reclaim their life from addiction and prevent relapse.



Is Outpatient Rehab Right for me?

Outpatient treatment is a drug recovery program that occurs around a patient’s life so they can continue to work and be around family. Our outpatient drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA patients do not live at the facility, but it’s important that their home life is stable enough for them to return.

Outpatient care is an option if you or your loved one has experienced withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, or even life-threatening. Addiction to drugs with strong withdrawal effects like opioids and cocaine should only be treated inside of a detox facility. Outpatient treatment is only an option if your withdrawal symptoms are manageable on your own.



How Can I Pay for Outpatient Treatment?

If you are considering outpatient drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, you’re probably wondering about paying options. Private insurance through your job can possible pay for a portion of your treatment. Check with your insurance provider for coverage and how much rehabilitation costs. Assistance through Medicare and Medicaid is also available, but not all rehab clinics accept it. You may also pay out-of-pocket for treatment. While treatment might seem costly, treatment could not only improve your life, but save it.

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