Relaxation During Uncertain Times

I think we can all agree that we are living in uncertain and stressful times right now…times where we wonder what will be on the news next? What new disaster is around the corner with the way things have been going lately? It seems like every week there is something new and some new horror unfolding in the world. Many people are finding temporary relief in all this stress by drinking more alcohol or using more marijuana, but as a result addiction rates are also on the rise.

So when things seem to be continually unstable and everyday is stranger and more unsettling than the last with current events, what can we do to take care of ourself and feel supported no matter what is happening? How can we navigate the stress and uncertainty in a healthy way? Here are some ideas and suggestions:

1) Embrace the uncertainty…
Yes as strange and counterintuitive as it may seem, embrace the uncertainty. Understand that everything rises and falls away and as cliche as it sounds, the only constant is change. Understand that everything is changing at all times and so it’s not actually abnormal when things are uncertain or unsteady. The uncertainty is part of life. In fact, on-going stability is much more unusual.

2) Recognize your own needs…
Be sure to acknowledge and recognize the needs you have. It is important to honor your needs and recognize what is happening in your life. If you need more self-care or time for yourself, that is ok. If you need to just take a break and have a time out that is ok! Whatever you need, recognize and honor those needs. If you ignore them it will be much more difficult in the future to manage them effectively.

3) Find healthy ways to cope…
Look into ways that are healthy for you to cope with whatever is happening in your life or the world. Alcohol and drugs are not healthy ways and will ultimately only make the situation worse. By finding healthy ways to cope with uncertainty we are demonstrating higher levels of self care and more sustainable ways to manage uncertainty.

4) Know that everything is changing…
When things are difficult know that they are also changing and won’t last this way forever. Everything is always changing so it is ok to relax a little bit. The stressors of today will be different than what is coming tomorrow. Don’t cling to anything that is disturbing your peace because it will be here and gone and the less you focus on it, the faster it will be out of your reality.

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