Sober Activities to Do While in Quarantine

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If you are stuck in your home during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, you may be feeling bored and restless. That does not mean that you should ruin your recovery by easing your anxiety or boredom with alcohol or starting an unhealthy drinking habit. By finding sober activities to keep you active at home, you will not feel compelled to sip an alcoholic beverage.

Throw a Game Night

If you are living with your family, this is a good time to dig out old board games that you keep in the garage. You can play ones that the whole family would enjoy, like Wii, which provides active-like sports games or try your hand at a new card game. Card games are a great way to pass the time as one game can go on for hours. You can even make up your own game like playing charades or trivia. You will experience laughter, fun, and a productive way to use your brain. If you are living alone, you can play online games with your friends through apps or video chat with each other for certain games.

Plan a Movie Night

You can virtually plan a movie night with your friends or relatives. You can do this by picking a movie on a streaming site and having your webcam on while the two of you watch it. Other than streaming sites, you can rent films on Amazon or Redbox directly online instead of having to leave your house to pick up the DVD.

There are even websites like Facebook Watch where you can set up a watch party and have your Facebook friends watch the same thing as you. Make sure that your laptop is positioned well and that the lighting in the room is bright. Grab your favorite snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy while participating in this kind of activity.

Create a Virtual Trivia Night

You do not need to go to a pub to enjoy a trivia game between friends. All you have to do is pick an app where you can cast several people. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger are great for this. You can create teams and have one person write out the trivia questions. You can also create the point system to be tougher for the game to be longer. There are also trivia apps that you can play against your friends like QuizUp or Trivia Crack.

Compete in a Karaoke Competition

You can use these same video apps to start a karaoke night with your friends. There are singing apps like Smule, where you can follow the lyrics of a song and record the video of yourself singing it. There are also other apps like Stingray Karaoke that make it easier to follow along, where you can introduce a little competition by having one to three people judge, where scoring is based on the best singing presentation.

Cook a Special Dinner

Since restaurants are closed for now, you can use this as an opportunity to go through your cookbooks and come up with an easy recipe. Or, try challenging yourself by creating a three-course meal. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when cooking or baking delicious food that will nourish your taste buds. You can go the extra mile by putting on some nice music, dimming the lights, and lighting a few candles. If you want to support your local restaurants, you can get some takeout food delivered to your home.

Practice Self-Care

When you are in recovery, it is important to find what makes you happy with yourself and avoid the urge to use alcohol. This can mean giving yourself that cleansing makeover you have always wanted, or starting a new exercise routine. Since you are now at home, you have a lot of time to take care of yourself.

Try to do more things to enrich your brain like solving a puzzle or writing in a journal. If you have pets, set aside time to give them special attention too. A nice bath and a walk in nature will boost both your pet’s mood and yours. Whatever you can do to feel clean and refreshed will boost your self-esteem and overall mood.

Learn Something New

Another way to keep your mind busy is to learn a new craft. There are a lot of ivy league universities that are offering free online classes because of the coronavirus pandemic. There are also language learning apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone that can be linked through your public library. There are also websites that offer free courses like EdX or Coursera in a variety of subjects.

You can even get a certification online if you complete a batch of courses. If you have an instrument that you have always wanted to play but never found the time to learn, now is your chance. If you look around your home, you will see there is a variety of things you can do that do not involve alcohol. Keeping yourself busy and keeping in touch with others are the keys to maintaining sobriety.

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