Trying Looking Through Another Perspective

A huge part of our happiness and wellbeing is learning to take on other perspectives and vantage points when we’re feeling stuck. Unhappiness is often a result of feeling a lack of power or influence over our life, feeling like we can’t make the changes we would like to make and seeing little or no hope for change. It can be easy to get stuck in our heads or our beliefs and not even know it.

The way our minds work is about 90% of what we do, think and feel is unconscious which means only about 10% is conscious and aware. More than that, we have tens of thousands of thoughts a day. Some estimates say we have 20-30,0000 thoughts a day, some say even 80,000 thoughts a day! More than this some estimates are that 90-95% of our thoughts are the same as the day before. This means we are basically on autopilot much of time, and also that we can get easily caught or stuck in loops in life. We don’t even have to try! We’re just wired this way…to get stuck, and when we get onto ‘negative’ trains of thought, we are wired to get stuck on them. The problem is, the deeper you go, the harder it is to get yourself in another direction.

Another way of looking at this is that our state of mind and happiness starts with our 1) thoughts, which lead to 2) feelings, then lead to 3) words and then 4) actions. So…if we want to reroute ourselves to another perspective it’s important to get at it as soon as you start thinking or feeling negatively. The deeper we go down a negative road, the farther and farther we go.

So if you feel you’re getting stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to get out here are some ideas on how to look through another perspective.

1) Watch a movie or tv show to get another perspective or just a break from your own. Taking a break from what you’re used to thinking is important, and sometimes we need help and a distraction.

2) Take a nap. Sometimes taking a nap can help with getting a break or a pause from certain moods, feelings or trains of thought. When we can’t get out of our own way, a nap can give us a small break to gain a fresh perspective.

3) Use your imagination to try to think of multiple perspectives or options. Use your logic to lay out a few different ways of seeing things. Sometimes talking through other options and ways of handling things with someone you trust can help. Or just journaling and writing out different options.

4) Think about your real world experience and how you’ve gotten yourself out of negative ruts in the past. What strengths do you have? How have you been able to shift into a better place and mindset in past times?

5) Talk to a therapist or support group. A therapist or support group can help us to gain insight, perspective and compassionately see beyond whatever we feel stuck in when we can’t see other viewpoints.

If the ways you got yourself out of negative ruts or feeling very limited power in the past were getting drunk or high…this may seem like a big challenge to you. But we all have to start somewhere. And, if you realize it or not…you have done other things besides getting drunk or high to feel better in the past. You may not have even realized what you did, it might have seemed unconscious or automatic…but there are moments, even small moments, where we have all gotten ourselves out of negatives ruts or loops using our own inner natural assets and strengths.

So what are your strengths? What are your natural assets? What are the ways you have gotten yourself out of negativity or adapted a new and better perspective?

So don’t be afraid to try out a new perspective! It may be the best thing you did all day 🙂

Learning how to interrupt negative ruts is an important part of recovery. It’s not always easy and can even take discipline but the earlier you work at difficult feelings, the easier it is to redirect them. Silver Lining understands that you have spent a lot of time dealing with difficult emotions and triggers during your time using drugs and alcohol. These experiences impact your sobriety and a treatment plan for living your best life in recovery. Our policy of treating small numbers of people in each group allows us to get to know you and the exact type of help you need to learn to be kind to yourself and achieve your goals. We help you flourish now and in the future. Let our Huntington Beach location be where you begin again! Call us today for more information. (866) 448-4563.