International Women’s Day, Trauma and Addiction

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Happy International Women’s Day Everyone!

This is a special day that acknowledges the value and importance of women around the world. It’s a beautiful day to remember all the amazing contributions of women in the world and their unique place in every family and society.

However, with that being said it is also a day to remember and acknowledge all the suffering of women in the world. The poorest of the poor are generally women and single mothers. Women endure most domestic violence and sexual abuse. In most of the world the most dangerous place for a woman is in their home due to domestic violence and abuse. Tomorrow in Mexico for example, there will be a nationwide strike by women to bring attention and protest the violence that happens to women nationwide.

In Mexico at least 10 women go missing a day due to violence, most of which is domestic violence and little if any legal consequences exist for this. Also at least 2/3 of women experience some kind of abuse in Mexico due to their gender. It is almost a given that women are abused or even killed in the home and little is done about it. In India and China, girls are seen as less valuable and are aborted or killed as babies due to their lower stature in society. In Latin and Central America women are fleeing and trying to escape extreme violence and gang violence in their homes or neighborhoods. In the United States the statistics seem to always be increasing or possibly just getting more accurate, but it’s estimated between 25-30% of women are sexually assaulted, and for a majority it happens before they are 18 years old and multiple times throughout their life. Globally it is estimated that between 1/3-2/3’s of women experience violence at some point in their lives.

International women’s day is a great day to acknowledge the value and beauty of women. But also because of the state of the world and women’s general place in it, it is also a reminder of the problems and what could be done to improve things. Women suffer from high levels of PTSD, complex PTSD and trauma worldwide due to abuse and a lower social status. As a result of this there are increasing levels of drug use and alcohol abuse by women worldwide. There is a significant association between trauma and substance abuse and an increasing rise in substance abuse by women worldwide. Substance abuse is often used as a way to manage and self medicate emotional pain and stress.

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